Happiness is having a home and a family to love you!

Meet Thor, a 3 year old mix breed dog. His parents don’t know his parentage exactly, but they believe he could be a pit/boxer mix. He was rescued from the streets of Londrina, Brazil when he was a 10 weeks old puppy.

Pet Photography in Hoboken

Did you know that Thor was the most popular dog name in Brazil in 2017? That according to research done by Doghero, a national  Dog Sitter service website who based the information on 108 thousand dogs registered in its database.

Pet Photographer in Paramus

It was so much fun photographing Thor, this happy little guy.  I first met him in 2014, the last time I visited my family in Brazil. Thor is actually my “nephew”, he is one of my brother and my sister-in-law’s dog.  I posted this picture of him on  Instagram  (check in out!) back in February 2014.  At that time I did not have a dog and my caption on the photo was “My brother’s dog. So cute! I want one too” 🙂

NJ happy dog photo

What difference  a few years make someone’s life, right? Now I not only have two dogs, but I specialize in photographing dogs. Four years ago, I would never have imagined  that I would be capable of taking these beautiful pictures of Thor as I did recently.  So like Thor, I  feel  happy! I am happy and thank the Universe for finding a career that makes me smile every single day.  #gratitude

Fotografia Pet Londrina

Thanks for reading it!

Until next time, all we need is love (and a dog)!


Alessandra Sawick



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