This is a Galgo, also known as the Spanish greyhound. To be honest, I didn’t know this breed existed (I knew of greyhounds, but didn’t know of Spanish Greyhound) until I got to meet this beautiful little guy named, Ovi. He was one of dog models at the pet photography workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

I also got know a little bit of his story and struggles as a breed. Galgo is an ancient breed and they are a very common dog in Spain.  They were bred for hunting! In the countryside of Spain people still use this breed to hunt hare and they are not seeing as pets.

Galgo dog photo

The Galgos are usually overlook by their owners, and after the hunting season the owners consider these dogs worthless. According to The Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) after hunting seasons these dogs are often hanged on trees, dumped into the garbage or thrown alive on abandoned wells, shot or burned to death.

Ovi was one of the lucky ones. He was rescued by one of the few dog rescue organizations in Spain, and he now lives happily with his new owner and brother Luc, also a rescued Galgo. Thanks to organizations like GRIN who dedicate their time and effort to the welfare of Galgos not only in Spain, but worldwide, these often overlooked Spanish breed can find a forever home.

dog portrait nj

GRIN assist the Spanish shelters with adoptions, veterinary care and also fundraising. Please visit The Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) website here to see what you can do to help save a Galgo, aka Spanish Greyhound.

Thanks for reading it! Until next time…

All we need is Love…and a Dog!



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