Clear the Shelters was a successful event for Pitter Patter Puppy House, and many other shelters and rescues throughout the country. According to NBC 4 New York TV channel, one of the supports of the event, “participating shelters in the tri-state area reported that 1,191 pets had been adopted during the day” (of the event).

Other supporters of the event were VIP PET CARE, and PETCO FOUNDATION. It so great to see all animal lovers coming together for such a great cause, Take a Pet Home!

Pitter Patter Puppy House, a non-for-profit dog rescue organization in Lyndhurst, NJ teamed up with Petco in Ramsey, NJ for Clear the Shelters event held on July 23rd, 2016.

Since PPPH (Pitter Patter Puppy House) is a dog rescue organization and it doesn’t have physical shelter facility, Donna Scardelli, PPPH president and founder said that “partnering with Petco in Ramsey, NJ is a huge help to us. The staff is very accommodating and generous.  Their adoption coordinator Oliver, and manager Joe reserve a nice spot in the store for our events and it is big enough so we can block it off to keep our puppies safe”. She continues “the customers that come in are so nice and friendly.”

PPPH brought a total of 20 dogs and puppies to Petco in Ramsey, NJ and thankfully 11 dogs were adopted that day. There are still 2 adoptions pending.

Many members of NBC 4 New York supported the event in a local level. Produce Pete, rescue advocate and star of the NBC segment PRODUCE PETE stopped by with his family. His niece, Jenna adopted an adorable lab mix puppy. They all were very happy with the new family member addition, and they name him Brody.

NBC was represented by Ciena Yulfo, another crew member.

For those who didn’t attend the event but want to adopt a puppy or an adult dog, Pitter Patter will be at Petco in Ramsey, NJ again next on Saturday July 30th from 12-4pm.  Click here for directions.  They are bringing 7 puppies ranging from ages 11 weeks to 6 months and 3 adult dogs ranging from ages 1-9 years old.

A plead for help! As a mention, PPPH does not have a shelter facility and all the puppies and dogs are in foster homes. That said, fosters are the heart and soul of this organization. Scardelli states that “Fosters open up their homes to take these pups in, and sometimes they come to us very scared and nervous.  Our dedicated fosters provide them with love, comfort, and safety.  The most heartwarming feeling is to watch how these pups transform to becoming so happy and loving from the day they come into our rescue to the day they are adopted into their forever homes. We are in need of people who can fosters the dogs because the more fosters we have the more lives we save”

Please visit Pitter Patter Puppy House website if you would like to adopt a dog, foster, volunteers for future events, or make a contribution.

Here are some of the highlights of the Clear the Shelter day, including a beautiful scene of mom Lily, the sweetest dog ever, with her last adopted puppy. It really seemed, not only to me, but the other people around that mom and puppy were saying goodbye to each other. Watch their body language… it put tears in eyes.

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